Traders Academy Club Review – Key Features, Pros and Cons


Traders Academy Club (TAC) is a foreign exchange trading, or forex trading, educational service. Vladimir Ribakov — the professional trader behind trading programs like Forex Triple B, Forex Crystal Ball, and SRS Trendrider 2.0 — launched the service in May 2017. 

TAC quickly rose to popularity by providing quality trading education, expert mentorship, and tools to improve your trading skills and execution. 

A quick online search shows that real forex traders of all experience levels have been buzzing about how happy they are with the service. So, what’s all the buzz about?

Key Features of Traders Academy Club Review

Traders Academy Club has become a popular option among beginner and expert traders alike. Beginners benefit from a complete crash course that shortens the learning curve, while experts bounce ideas off of each other in the chat room and take advantage of proprietary trading tools. 

The service comes with many more features, which you’ll learn about below, and it only costs $297 per year, though you’ll have to pay the entire $297 upfront since there are no monthly payment options. The features real traders rave about in service reviews are described below. 

Education Center

The Education Center the company offers is one of the most robust sources of forex trading education we’ve come across to date. The platform features live webinars, thousands of recorded webinars, written guides, and e-books — all of which can greatly reduce the learning curve for beginners. 

If you’re a beginner, the Education Center has lots of guides about basic topics like what currency pairs are and how they work in financial markets. You’ll also find in-depth educational resources on complex topics like technical analysis, risk management, and various trading strategies.  

The educational materials are as comprehensive as they are easy to understand, making them perfect for traders of all experience levels. 


One of the strongest themes that comes across in Traders Academy Club user testimonials is the fact that people who use the service love Vladimir Ribakov and are impressed by his style of mentorship. 

Many Traders Academy Club reviews praise Vladimir’s attention to detail, responsiveness, and willingness to work through topics that those writing the reviews didn’t understand right away. 

As a member, you can ask Vladimir anything you’d like in the chat room or during live mentoring sessions. If the reviews are to be believed, he’s happy to take the time to ensure you understand the answer. 

Live Trading Room

Join daily live trading sessions with Vladimir and his team of traders to see the trading and risk management strategies you learn in action. Watch while the pros do what they do best in the real world, then copy their moves in your own online trading account. 

The live trading webinars are fast-paced and jam-packed with information. The traders that host the sessions don’t just make the trades — they explain why they’re making them so you can follow along and learn as you go. 

Live Market Analysis 

Every day, Vladimir records a live market analysis video. On most days, he does so with guest traders who have proven their clout with a solid track record in the forex market. Vladimir and the successful traders he hosts as guests perform in-depth analyses of the forex market and ping pong ideas off of each other about how to turn that analysis into profitable trades. 

Media Zone Access

Your Traders Academy Club membership also includes Media Zone access. 

The Media Zone is an archive of all market analysis videos, trading sessions, and educational webinars the company has ever produced. Scroll through and watch a few additional videos per week to improve your understanding of the forex market. 

Daily Trading Reports

When you sign up for Traders Academy Club, you’ll receive daily trading reports via email. You can also log into your account to see them. The reports will point out specific trading ideas that are primed for profitability. 

Each idea comes with all the important information you need when you’re trading forex, including:

  • The Currency Pair. Which currency pair you should watch for opportunities. 
  • Entry. When you should enter your trade and what type of trade it should be (long or short).
  • Take Profit. The take profit point is the price that signals it’s time to exit the trade.  
  • Stop Loss. Your stop-loss protects you if the trade goes wrong. 
  • Explanation. Each trade idea comes with a detailed explanation that tells you why the experts are expecting the movement they’re expecting. 

Chat Room

The chat room at TAC is made up of multiple dedicated Telegram channels. It’s very active, with thousands of members eager to bounce ideas off of one another. It’s a great place for beginners to become part of a supportive trading community and interact with professionals to get their questions answered. 

It’s also a great place for expert traders to chat with like-minded professionals about everything from complex trading algorithms to what beach they should go to in South Florida. The community is highly engaged, and unlike many other trading chat rooms, those in the know don’t go out of their way to make beginners feel inadequate. Everyone seems to be friendly. 

The best part about the chat room is that it’s your direct link to Vladimir Ribakov. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask him. He’s known for timely responses, in-depth answers, and a true dedication to helping his members succeed. 

Trading Tools

Vladimir has developed multiple trading tools throughout his career, many of which are proprietary to his Traders Academy Club service. Some of the trading tools you get access to when you sign up include:

  • Trading Simulator. The trading simulator simulates the live trading environment so you can test your strategies without risking any real money. 
  • Trade Management Plus Robot. The TAC forex robot helps you manage multiple open trades so you don’t miss a beat. 
  • 80/20 Scripts Tool. This tool lets you open multiple trades simultaneously. 
  • Harmonic Signals & Harmonic Pattern Indicators. Finally, Vladimir and his team have developed several proprietary technical indicators and identified unique pattern correlations. You can access all of his indicators and patterns as a member. 

This is one of the biggest benefits for professional traders. Even as a professional trader, the tools you can download at Traders Academy Club have the potential to improve your overall trading experience. 

Real-Time Trade Signals

Vladimir and his team scour the markets for trading opportunities all day long. When they find one, they send you a signal including the currency pair, trading setup, exit, and explanation of the trade. 

The forex signals are easy to understand and act on. Perhaps more importantly, they have a solid win rate of around 70%, which is in line with many dedicated forex signaling services. 

Learn About Trading Cryptocurrencies

Traders Academy Club is focused on forex, but there is one cryptocurrency feature. 

Part of the company’s chat room is dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, and there are several experts in the room who share their thoughts — though these experts are generally members, not members of Vladimir’s team. When you follow these conversations, the pros alert you to some of the biggest moves in the crypto space. It’s almost as good as a dedicated cryptocurrency signal service. 

Get Placed In a Trading Career

Once you make it through the educational series, if you become a serious trader, the company may open the door to a career where you’re paid a percentage of your profits to trade other people’s money (OPM) with no risk to your own wallet. 

Several independent traders have graduated to become successful professional traders thanks to Vladimir, his platform, and his connections. 

Advantages of Traders Academy Club

So many people have positive things to say about Traders Academy Club because the service has so many perks — and a happy member base to show for it. 

TAC’s top benefits  include:

  • Quality Educational Tools. Education is the foundation of any career, especially one in trading. The Traders Academy Club has the type of education that can guide you through transforming from an average Joe to a  professional trader.  
  • Very Clear About the Risks of Trading. Unlike many competitors, TAC’s marketing materials are very clear that trading is difficult and comes with extreme risks. In some cases, trading results in significant losses, and the company makes no attempt to hide that fact. It’s good that the company goes out of its way to set expectations properly. 
  • TAC Dedicated Telegram Channels. There are multiple TAC dedicated Telegram channels available where you can chat with the pros and get to know like-minded traders. 
  • Chance to Start a Trading Career. Once you become a proficient trader, Vladimir may match you up with a firm to help you start your trading career. 

Disadvantages of Traders Academy Club

There’s no question that Traders Academy Club is one of the best forex training programs we’ve come across, but the platform does have some flaws. Some of TAC’s biggest drawbacks include:

  • Broker Sponsored Accounts Aren’t Available In the U.S. Traders Academy Club has negotiated with several brokers so the broker covers the cost of the traders’ education. Unfortunately, none of the brokers on the sponsorship program provide services to U.S. customers. 
  • Forex Trading Is Risky. Forex trading is inherently risky. Vladimir and his team make no attempt to hide that, but the fact that the service is almost entirely devoted to a risky concept is a drawback in our eyes. 
  • No Monthly Payment Options. The $297 annual fee is very reasonable for the service, but coming up with a lump sum of nearly $300 to start a program is cost-prohibitive for some people. Unfortunately, there are no monthly payment options available. 

How Traders Academy Club Stacks Up is Traders Academy Club’s biggest competitor. Check out the chart below to see how the two compare. 

Traders Academy Club
Price $297 per year $116 per month, $222 every 6 months, or $312 per year 
Robust Educational Content Yes Yes
Mentor Access Yes Yes
Live Trading Room Yes Yes
Proprietary Trading Tools Yes Yes

Final Word

If you want to get serious about trading forex, the Traders Academy Club is a great place to start. The educational materials are some of the most comprehensive on the market today and Vladimir Ribakov, the founder of the company and an expert trader, actively mentors you as you learn. 

At the same time, the service is one of the lowest-cost sources of forex education online today, even though you have to pay for a year at a time. 

The best part is, once you excel through the education and prove you’ve got what it takes, Vladimir has and will use connections with brokers, trading groups, and other industry leaders to help you launch your career as a trader. 

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