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Learn 2 Trade is generally touted as a forex signal provider, but it provides far more than forex signals. As its name suggests, the company provides all-around trading education. 

You can learn how to trade stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies on the platform. If you’d rather let the pros do the leg work for you, the auto-trading feature completely automates the forex trading process. 

Learn 2 Trades signals are top notch, with an 82% win rate. Their straightforward outline makes the signals easy to read and execute, even for beginners. 

Learn 2 Trade Plans and Pricing

Admittedly, Learn 2 Trade’s pricing is a bit obscure. There are no plans that include access to all features. Instead, some features are free, and the paid features are sold a la carte. Here’s how the plans and pricing work:


The platform offers several free features, many of which you don’t even have to give your email to access. Some of these include:

  • Free Trading Signals. Learn 2 Trade has two free Telegram groups where it provides three free weekly trading signals each. The groups include a forex trading group and a cryptocurrency trading group, but no stock trading signals to speak of.  
  • Stock Trading Education. You can freely access the stock trading course on the platform without even sharing your email address. The course teaches you the basics of stock trading, technical analysis, how to read technical indicators, how to manage risk, and more.  
  • Crypto Trading Education. You also have free access to a cryptocurrency trading course, whether you sign up for other services or not. Learn how to trade, manage risk, and make profitable decisions in the cryptocurrency market.   
  • Day and Swing Trading Education. Several free courses on the platform address day trading and swing trading strategies. The courses are all intuitive and offer information that even expert traders may find useful.  

VIP Signals

The VIP signals service is available for forex or cryptocurrency signals and costs $35 per month each. Both VIP signal services come with three to five trading signals per day; signals are accessed via Learn 2 Trade VIP Telegram groups. 

Automated Trading

If you’d rather the experts take control for you, automated trading is the way to go. The platform comes with a fully automated forex trading service that handles everything for you. However, access to the service will set you back $150 per month. 

Forex Trading Course

Learn 2 Trade offers education and other services for stock and cryptocurrency traders, but the company really shines in the forex space. 

You have to pay a one-time cost of $99 for the forex trading course, and it’s well worth the fee. The course teaches you the basics of trading forex, technical analysis, and risk management, and it goes into the details of several trading strategies. 

The course comes with everything you need to go from beginner to pro and breaks down the lessons so the information is easy to understand, no matter your level of experience. 


Orlando Gutierrez is the main trader behind the Learn 2 Trade service, and you can bend his ear for just $199 per month with the Mentorship program. As a mentorship member, you can take part in a private group discussion and enjoy two private group mentorship sessions per week. 

Funded Forex Accounts

Learn 2 Trade offers funded forex accounts, described in detail below. There are three levels of these accounts, depending on the upfront fee you pay to access them. Each tier requires a one-time upfront payment and gives you access to a specific amount of OPM (other people’s money) to trade. The base currency you’ll be trading is British pounds (GBP). 

Here’s how the funded forex program works:

  • One-Time GBP 350 Payment (~$420). Access $20,000 of Learn 2 Trade’s capital to trade with. 
  • One-Time GBP 550 Payment (~$665). Access $40,000 of Learn 2 Trade’s capital to trade with. 
  • One-Time GBP 750 Payment (~$905). Access $52,000 of Learn 2 Trade’s capital to trade with. 

Key Features of Learn 2 Trade

There are several reasons to consider signing up for one or a few of Learn 2 Trade’s services. The platform knows how important your success is to you and, with its funded forex accounts, takes a vested interest in your success. 

But that’s not the only feature you can access on the platform. Some of the most exciting include:

Forex & Crypto Signals Available

There are very few forex or cryptocurrency signal providers that offer free signals, and many that do are far from accurate. Learn 2 Trade is an exception to that rule. You can access three free forex signals and three free cryptocurrency trade signals per week. 

If that’s not enough for you, consider signing up for the VIP trading signal service. The service costs $35 per month for forex or cryptocurrency, or $70 per month for access to both. 

Signals are all provided through Learn 2 Trade’s various Telegram groups and written in a way that makes them easy to follow, even for beginners. Signals include the asset to trade, best entry price, and where to set your stop-loss and take profit orders. 

The best part is that the signals are accurate with an 82% win rate, whether they’re free or paid for. That’s one of the highest win rates in the trading signals industry! 

Trading Education

Education forms the backbone of your trading career. As the company’s name suggests, education is at the heart of Learn 2 Trade’s services. 

The vast majority of courses on the platform are free to access. You don’t even have to sign up for pesky emails to learn how to trade stocks or cryptocurrencies. The lessons are intuitive and easy to follow. 

Once you complete them, you’ll know how to choose a trading platform, use technical indicators, manage risk, and make your capital grow in the market, even if you’re a beginner with absolutely no experience. Even experts will get trading tips and tricks they’ll find useful. 

If you’re interested in learning how to trade in the forex market, you will have to pay a one-time $99 fee for the course. This makes sense because forex trading is where the company got its start and is most well-versed. Nonetheless, the small one-time fee is worth the confidence you’ll have as you trade after you complete the course. 

Automated Trading

You don’t necessarily have to learn to trade to be successful in the market, especially with Learn 2 Trade. The company offers a crypto and forex robot that handles all the trading for you in real-time. 

Simply choose the trading strategy you’d like the robot to follow and the trades will be made for you. 

Consider signing up for automated trading if you don’t have any trading experience and want to make money as you learn the ropes. If you’re a hands-on learner, watch the trades being made on your behalf to get a better understanding of the trading process. 

Funded Forex Trading Accounts

My dad always told me the best money to invest is other people’s money, and Learn 2 Trade makes that possible. The company has such a vested interest in teaching you how to trade that it’s willing to put its money where its mouth is. 

Once you learn, you can sign up for a funded forex trading account for a small one-time fee. When you sign up, you’ll go through a short evaluation period. If you pass the evaluation, you can trade with between $20,000 and $52,000 of Learn 2 Trade’s capital. That means the platform gives you a way to profit from forex trading without risking any of your own hard-earned money. 

News Feeds

The news moves the market, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest news for clues as to where prices are headed in the near future. Learn 2 Trade provides free news feeds for its members, giving you the tools you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the market.  

High Success Rate

The market is filled with trading winners and losers, and it’s never a good idea to follow the losers. The good news is that Learn 2 Trade is a bonafide winner. The platform’s signals have an 82% historical win rate, making it one of the most accurate signal providers online today. 

Advantages of Learn 2 Trade

There’s a long list of advantages to using this trading and educational platform. Some of the biggest include:

  • Several Free Services. You have access to free forex and crypto trading signals as well as a long list of educational materials, whether you sign up for paid services or not. You won’t give up quality either. The free signals and educational materials are just as effective as the ones you pay for.  
  • Only Pay for What You Need. Learn 2 Trade’s a la carte pricing model means you only pay for the features you use. If you’re only interested in trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, only pay for the VIP crypto trading signals. If you’d rather have a mentor walk you through the process, sign up for the Mentorship Path. 
  • Funded Forex Accounts. This is perhaps the most intriguing feature of the platform. Learn 2 Trade puts its money on the line with funded forex accounts, so you won’t have to risk your own hard-earned money to trade. 
  • High Win Rate. The platform’s signals have an 82% win rate. That’s one of the highest win rates among all the signal services we’ve reviewed to date. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee. You’ll be happy or you’ll get your money back. You have 30 days to decide if the service is all it’s cracked up to be. 

Disadvantages of Learn 2 Trade

There are plenty of reasons to consider signing up for Learn 2 Trade’s services, but there are also a few drawbacks. Some of the biggest disadvantages include:

  • Signals Are Only Provided Via Telegram. You won’t get email or text signals. All signals are provided via the Telegram messaging app. It’s a minor inconvenience to set up if you don’t already use Telegram regularly.
  • Limitations on the Guarantee. We found several complaints about the money-back guarantee online. According to the complaints, the company offers users a discount at checkout for most services. Of course, you’re going to save money where you can. However, the money-back guarantee only applies when you pay full price for the services.The company has refused to refund several consumers who accepted the savings offer at checkout, which we find to be misleading.  
  • A la Carte Pricing Can Get Expensive. If you’re only using a couple of services, the pricing on the platform is reasonable. However, when you add all services together, the pricing can become prohibitive for beginner traders. 

How Learn 2 Trade Stacks Up

Learn 2 Trade’s closest competitor is Trade Ideas. Here’s how the two services compare to each other:

Learn 2 Trade Trade Ideas
Free Services Three free forex and crypto signals per month, free stock and crypto trading courses.  None.
Paid Services Priced a la carte, from $35 to $750. Some fees are one-time and some are charged monthly. Monthly subscription starting at $118 per month or $999 annually. 
Trading Signals Both free and paid trading signals are available.  Only available with the most expensive package. 
Funded Trading Accounts Yes. No.
Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Trades No. Only available with the most expensive package.
Educational Materials Free and paid.  Available with all paid packages.

Final Word

Learn 2 Trade is an appealing platform that offers a wide range of free services. Unfortunately, the platform didn’t score among the highest-rated services in its category because we found its money-back guarantee to be misleading. 

Nonetheless, the platform does offer an effective, and for the most part, free way to learn to trade. 

The educational materials on the platform are easy to follow. They offer valuable insight into how financial markets work and how to grow your capital within them. The pricing for paid services is reasonable, and customer service seems to be pretty responsive. 

All in all, the service is impressive; just don’t hang your hat on the money-back guarantee. 

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